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Sadly, on Dec. 11, 2014 we lost one of the best boat builders and
finest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.
Jack Keaton will always be remembered fondly by Keaton
boat owners everywhere. 

Jack's obituary can be found

Powerboat Magazine's 1981 and 1982 Outstanding Jet Drive Performance Award Winner!!
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If you have a Keaton boat please
contact me directly at  keatonboat1@yahoo.com


My 1976 Keaton Model 18-J

I created this website in 2005 after purchasing my 1976 18-J and finding no information on the internet about Keaton boats.  I find the 18-J to be as elegant a design today as it was when it was designed in 1972.  What I didn't know is that, in addition to the 18-J, Mr. Keaton created other models that are just as popular among the Keaton boating community.  I hope this website will provide some information and insight into these classic boats as well as a forum for sharing ideas and experiences with other Keaton boat owners.  

If you have any question, comments, additional information, pictures, etc. that you feel will add to this site please contact me at keatonboat1@yahoo.com 

Thanks to everyone for the support, information, pictures, etc.  It is greatly appreciated. 

Last updated August 22, 2016

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